Endorsed Brands

From Jesse Gilbert,

As a company founder who has been online since 2001, I believe it is important to work hard to find and carefully choose quality products brands to endorse.

Currently LanceKnobel.com endorses the following products and brands:

http://gab.ai – If you think the censorship situation with companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google has gotten out of hand, then head on over to Gab.ai and sign up for a paid account or donate.

This is an unofficial joint venture with an up and coming social media site and I believe we can definitely produce 10,000 new paid users for Gab in short order.

Other endorsed brands (some of these are my products)

ThesaurusGizmo @ http://wowls.com/tg/ – About 500x faster than any thesaurus. If you are a writer of any type, I believe you will love this software. There is about a 4 minute video on how this taps major unused sources on PCs.

BETTER THAN SPEED READING:Ā  Takes A Baseball Bat To Mainstream Educational Value

From a friend in Australia, the Zox Mental Photography System.

The best pomegranate juice around! Cancel your deathcare plan and get a gallon of this stuff delivered fresh every week. Contact us for details and availability. Search for Pomegranate Miracle Cure and see if you agree that pomegranates are probably by far the ultimate food for long life and health.

Wowls @ http://wowls.com – Support cannabis powered technology! This brand aims to integrate cannabis into future AI and robotics to produce a Generation-7 cannabis powered flying car with an optional built in 60 ft yurt.

Will the Wowls smoke Tesla on the Steppe? Yes, we support The Outer Mongolian Ice Racing Circuit.

Do you think it is suspicious that a newspaper run by ‘an expert media strategist‘ (who doesn’t own his own exact match .com domain name) posts a negative 1-sided article about a entrepreneur who advocates for quality health food solutions? (and revolutionary fuels that defy the mainstream big oil)

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(And that was the first ‘journalist’ to post a negative story about Jesse Gilbert)