LanceKnobel.com is owned and operated by Jesse Gilbert, a 30+ year resident of Berkeley California who was born in Berkeley California.

Jesse Gilbert is an entrepreneur who has been online since 2001 and whose field overlaps with the market sectors known as “artificial intelligence and robotics”.


The above chart is the projected market impact for A.I.

And LanceKnobel.com is part of Jesse Gilbert’s public relations strategy.

Lance Knobel who is a founder of BerkeleySide is the first news outlet to publish a negative article about Jesse Gilbert.

So this website shows CREDIBILITY and why I believe Lance Knobel is not a credible media strategist (see the issue of domain name squatting and TedCruz.com)

The editor of LanceKnobel.com believes that someone who’s career is ‘journalism’ and owns is a founder of an online media outlet is not at all credible as a media strategist if they did not purchase their own exact match .com domain name.

The editor of LanceKnobel.com believes that this point of crediblity is essentially irrefutable when considering past similar cases and PRECEDENT court rulings on domain ownership.

Any attempt to litigate this domain name away from its rightful owner, Jesse Gilbert, will be met with a counter-suit and or counter-claim for any time that factors in the projected market impact of AI and Robotics (and other emerging fields)