Digital Journalism & SEO and Lance Knobel Search Engine Optimization Quotes and opinions about Lance Knobel:

“Hated in Berkeley by people who advocate for affordable housing and housing for homeless.”

“A shill and a tool of censorship pure and simple”

“Mediocrity incarnate, the enemy of success.”

“He did not have political principles appropriate to Berkeley, but rather, short termed opportunism allied with a capacity for self delusion that makes Walter Mitty look uninspired.” – 30 year Berkeley Resident.

“A pseudo-intellectual, low paid lapdog for his Davos masters. A newbie who detracts from quality technology development and hinders exceptional companies”

“Lance Knobel and Berkeleyside are not revolutionary at all but actually part of the establishment.”

“The Berkeleyside staff are more ventriloquists dummies than an investigative journaliststs.”

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