Free Speech War: Lance Knobel – Berkeleyside Is The Name of a Berkeley News Outlet

And that was the first journalist to publish a negative story about Jesse Gilbert
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Do you think it is suspicious that someone touted as such a Great media strategist whose field is online journalism doesn’t even own his .com domain name?

Background: Lance Knobel is a founder of Berkeleyside, a digital media outlet in Berkeley California which is arguably the #1 battleground for free speech.

This media outlet posted an article about me full of hearsay and included reference to a totally erroneous charge of ‘tatooing a minor’.

This article effectively blocked business partnerships for 3 yrs due to its rank in Google for my name…

Note: The article cites “after authorities say he sent bizarre emails to a former friend, demanding $25,000 and threatening to kill him and his family.”

Who are these ‘authorities’?

This is hearsay with no evidence!

There was never any proof in any hearing brought that any emails were sent because the evidence process would have to look at all sorts of time stamps and meet the most rigorous demands of proof.

I explained my side of the story and asked for an inline rebutall but was told by the dumb newbie journalist Emilie Raguso that she would only take down the article if ‘the authorities’ said the case was dismissed.

I got no response even though I have lived in Berkeley for over 30 yrs and neither the newspaper founder nor the ‘victim’ are originally from Berkeley.

I am not the only Berkeley resident that finds it outrageous that I am being censored out of conversations on my own legal issue under the pretense of ‘Keeping it Civil’.

Do you think Lance Knobel might be a shill masquerading as some sort of independent journalist?

Look up opinions for yourself on the value of exact match .com domain names for branding, reputation management and strategy.

Example case study on digital media strategy, domain names and credibility:

Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president before registering his domain…

It got picked up for probably about $17 and was redirected to Hillary.

Then Ted cried like a little bitch about who administrates the internet domain names.

You don’t even want to know all the precedent cases on this issue.

I believe this rather conclusively demonstrates that Lance Knobel is not credible as a ‘independent journalist’ or ‘media strategist’ and I believe that PRECEDENT LAW will determine that I own this domain name for as long as I renew it (even to, say, the year 50,000) should anyone decide to bring it before ICANN.

For reference, I am an honest entrepreneur with many testimonials about my software who is working to build the first cannabis powered sportscar and I also aim to provide the highest quality natural food which I believe is 100% Pure Non-GMO Pomegranate Juice touted as a miracle food (and I already have the top source in California).

And yet I am painted as a villain like this?

How Many Hundreds of Thousands of Millions of Billions of Trillions of Zillions of Googols of hits can this website get?

Over the course of the next millenium as a study in public relations, strategy, and intellectual property law I believe that stands a chance of being more popular than Twitter, Facebook and Google.

This website makes a great checks and balances system for Google.

It is simple: If doesn’t show up in the top 5 or top 10 for the search term ‘Lance Knobel’ then you can know that they are gaming the algorithm in favor of leftist media outlets.

Free Speech Advocates on Gab.AI We Want To Hear from You!!

Do you think in the age of modern digital media that owning your own exact match .com domain name is a sign of credibility (if you are billed as any sort of ‘Independent Online Journalist’?)

We think so. Our aim is 1 million hits on this site within 14 days and 25,000 new registrations for the Gab.AI free speech website.

This site is part of an unofficial joint venture with the emerging social media side

I believe this will be popular because Berkeley California is known as the biorthplace of free speech and is a crucial battleground for the future of the tech world.

Berkeleyside uses censorship under the term ‘moderation’, even on pages with information about legal cases that are based on hearesay (unless documents are produced and even then, no proof was ever produced in a court of law or fair public trial)!

They claimed I sent some electronic email message to someone threatening them and then moderated out one of my rebuttals.

So now we get to the flipside of the coin: The editor of believes Lance Knobel of BerkeleySide is Such A 5th Rate Digital Media Strategist That He did Not Register His Personal .com Domain Name for About $17!…

Suffice it to say, is of the opinion that Lance Knobel is clearly and emphatically a complete and total loser.

You can read about media strategy and domains, it is clear on the point of strategy related to personal domain names.

Therefore, recommends that you never consult such a chump for any political campaign.

In search engine optimization terms, an exact match .com domain name has the maximal public relations value and of course the most credibility in the eyes of the consumer. Reviews and Opinions of Lance Knobel’s Media Strategy:

“SKULLFUCKED! (Decisively)”

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“The PRPB #1” (The #1 Public Relations Prison Bitch)

“A Media Strategy Byword”

“Censored discussion on Berkeley homeless…Soon to join them”

“A real bum”

“An underminer of educational quality in Berkeley”

“Net worth not worth 12 cents to anyone who knows anything about online media strategy and branding”

“Probably a homosexual pedophile”

“Unfit for unpaid internship with Generation-Z Teen Bosses and CEO’s”

“Pummeled beyond recognition”

“An Abatable Nuisance”

“Down for the count”

“Lacks even the most basic knowledge of search engine optimization, reputation management and intellectual property law”


“Reaped the fruits of corruption”

“Obliterated in Public Relations Airstrike”

“Lacks credibility”


“Caught flat footed for the digital age”

“Candidate for chump of the millenium”

“Not even fit to be an unpaid coffee boy for Generation-Z public relations and media companies”



“Destroyed with $17”

“Suspected of taking bribes”

“Pinned down under heavy PR fire. Forever”

“A Phony”

“Very, very low class”

“Less than 1 star rating”

“A case study in media strategy for Generation-Z teen CEO’s and bosses”

*Video Footage Top Gun 1986. Domain prices about $16.95/yr


East Bay Aerospace & Cannabis Brand executes media strategy on Berkeleyside staff with about $17 domain name registrations.

1 WORD: Amateur!

Actually Amateur is putting it nicely…

A career journalist with an all digital news outlet who markets himself as ‘independent journalist blah blah blah’…

It is the opinion of that Lance Knobel isn’t even a featherweight, more like a bug, actually a pesky flea in terms of media strategy, a little bloodsucking mosquito.

All commentary on this site is opinion and or rumor. Do the research, decide the facts for yourself.

It is the opinion  of that posting an article involving a court case, and then moderating the comments and refusing an inline rebutal from the side maligned amounts to gross ethical misconduct.

It also tends towards suspicion of corruption and possibly bribery as local financial interests may be at play.

Very shady journalism. Opinion of Lance Knobel:

“It is the opinion of that Lance Knobel is the media equivalent of a prison bitch, a chump who got pats on the back for being a great media strategist from the academic world…

But who is actually such a mediocre that he did not even register his own exact match .com domain name. believes Lance Knobel will be out of the online journalism business shortly.”

COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! Share with your friends.

Yes use the comment form at the bottom of the page for this interesting discussion on free speech in Berkeley.

Do you think Lance Knobel is a slimeball for censoring 30 yr residents of Berkeley?

Drive the creeps, Marxist censorship wannabees and the Davos shills out of Berkeley!

Lots of great domain names to rank #1,,,, + more

Free speech is important and Berkeleyside’s moderation policies amount to liberal bias censorship. also is of the opinion that Emilie Raguso is a second rate reporter, actually one deluded little rookie who got some pats on the back from a bunch of libtards, but who in the end will beg.

What a joke of a journalist and media strategist.

A career in online journalism and didn’t register her own name.

Looks like Emilie Raguso is cooked too.

Go take some junior college courses rookie.

She so dumb, she don’t know about personal branding and internet with .com domain name… review of Emilie Raguso: A 3rd rate reporter destined to be bankrupt, always looking like a newbie in online journalism.

More BerkeleySide Reviews:

Berkeleyside is yuppie yellow journalism at it’s worst. Following the trend of LGTBQ Social Justice Warriors, Berkeleyside engages in censorship and left bias, while writing puff pieces for foodies. It is the opinion of that BerkeleySide will soon be flat broke, and Lance begging on the streets or taking a 1 way flight out of the country.”

Read more…

Speak up! What do you think of Berkeley media censors?

Information about Lance Knobel from

“He curated and ran the program for the inaugural New York Forum in 2010 and continues to be Director of Programs for The New York Forum. His blog, Davos Newbies, has been running since 1999…Prior to his work with Kao & Company, Lance was a founder of Q Network, a start-up that developed a new model of high-level strategic consulting.

Comments: Why “LKobel” -what is Lance hiding? Is his real name Lance?

Does Berkeley need censorship and control via journalists who call themselves Davos Newbies like some sort of lap dog to europeans businesses.

“Lance applies to problems the insights gained in a long career as an editor of business and management magazines, leadership of the program for the World Economic Forum’s famous Davos summit, heading the program of The New York Forum and high-level strategic advisory work for both corporations and governments.”

Comments: Should of high-level strategic advisoried his own domain name before he trifled with a world-class all time leading marketing expert.

Lance Knobel sounds less like a source of independent journalism and more like damage control specialist for fascists and marxist scum deployed to Berkeley to start newspaper with goal of controlling speech and limiting dialogue.

Luckily With Unorthodox Media Strategy We Found A Way To Probably Outrank Other Sites on Lance Knobel:

A premium domain name doesn’t just build your brand, it is your brand.

Research it for yourself.

Owning a premium domain can do more to reaffirm the permanence of your brand than any other marketing vehicle. A great domain name is as powerful as the idea behind it. Everything on the Internet begins with a domain name: The universal starting point for content consumption.

These extensions (.com, .org, and .net) have a lot more credibility with people than .info or .me or .us do. On the web, credibility is essential. So you might as well start strong. Register other web names. Web domains are cheap. So registering multiple names can be a cost effective way to protect your web…

Let’s see if Lance Knobel tries to dispute domain names with ICANN. And if so, how many nuclear bomb gifs will his exact match .com domain name get? (Billions?) Keep an eye on this site and start the conversation.


Please be sure to read our comment policy. To keep the quality of the comments high, we choose selectively who gets to speak. Make sure not to say anything against K9 consumption.

In the meantime suggests not patronizing Berkeleyside but rather use a free speech site like

This site is being tracked for rankings. It easily ranked #1 in Yahoo and MSN… and if Google delists the site you can be sure of collusion and censorship.

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  • admin • Post Author •
    April 20, 2018 at 10:08 am

    post comments and get the conversation started.

  • Donald
    May 5, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Lance Knobel is only out there to drown out any true forms of free speech with his fascist, liberal water bording tactics akin to the like of outright self indulged Antifa members.

    • admin • Post Author •
      May 5, 2018 at 7:02 pm

      “Lance Knobel is only out there to drown out any true forms of free speech with his fascist, liberal water bording tactics akin to the like of outright self indulged Antifa members.”

      Yep. Lance Knobel is a bit more sophisticated strategically than the average liberal fascist but it looks like we may have got him for good.

  • admin • Post Author •
    July 16, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    PR Roadkill

  • mr.peabody
    July 26, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    The Antifa marxists will get theirs soon.

    • admin • Post Author •
      July 26, 2018 at 6:15 pm is Blowing Up! Share this link with a friend. Thanks for starting the comments and we hope yours is the first of several billion!!


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